ASOLAR was founded in 2016 to partake in an initiative to bring power to off-grid communities
Our products and services are fundamentally customer-focused.
Home energy systems to commercial projects.
Cost optimization, minimize risk and provide comprehensive support before and after sales.


ASOLAR helps organizations with projects in deploying End-to-End solar solutions with scalable and modular platforms that is cost-effective.

  • ASOLAR helps organizations with projects in deploying End-to-End solar solutions with scalable and modular platforms that is cost-effective.
  • ASOLAR focuses on Client Relationship by understanding the personality and expectations of the client, the organization and all other stakeholders.
  • ASOLAR is fully oriented towards Results by ensuring that the solution addresses all concerns, training, implementation and maintenance.
  • ASOLAR is a leader in providing solar home systems and services.
  • ASOLAR’s offer goes beyond the simple supply of technology; instead we provide the product, service, infrastructure and the expertise to manage a successful solar distribution practice in Nigeria.


To continuously explore new technologies and their deployment to harness solar energy.

Fast-track the adoption of solar technology to protect our environment and provide sustainable power


To become a world-class leader in the distribution of innovative and competitive solar solutions with seamless post distribution services.

Increase energy production from renewable energy sources from less than 10% of total electricity generation in 2015, to over 25% in 2025 and over 40% by 2030.


ASOLAR Mission is to help the off-grid population through:


Affordable and Clean Energy

This will provide sustainable clean energy homes and offices at an affordable cost.

Convenient Payment Systems

Customers can accquire these products at an affordable and convienent payment plan.

Economic Growth

Eliminating the cost of running a petrol or diesel generator to generate electricity.

Safe Impact on Climate

Solar power is eco-friendly and households are protected from the effects of smoke and noise pollution from kerosene lamps and generators that impact negatively on their health and life hazards.

Empowering Communication

Mobile phones can be charged with our SHS, and being mobile is being alive in the 21st century.


"I am very excited about this product from Asolar and we will continue to support them. Light itself is like life to people in our community. I myself am proud to be the chief marketing officer for this product in the Palace."
Oba Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi- Ooni of Ife
"With the help of the Solar System, we can be charging our radios there. When they bring the larger one, it will help us to be able to watch the news on TV"
A PayGo Customer
"The Solar System from Asolar will help all the people and bring hope to the people of my village."
Chief Yusuf Isah- Village Head of Wuna

ASolar Team

Meet our team.

Rasheed Ibrahim

Customer Care Manager

Ayodele Oluwafemi

HR Manager

Omolola Atsekhameh

Chief Financial Officer

Isaac Ibhade

Procurement Manager

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