remote parts of Nigeria

We are in the most rural and

Basic Light Solar System

Solar-Powered Light, Charging & Radio System

We Care About You We just don’t sell we educate you on our products 50W SOLAR TV SYSTEM Make your family moments more interesting OUR CUSTOMER SERVICE We provide you with excellent customer experience

Distributed/Centralised Power

We offer mini and micro off-grid solution for rural communities


End to End Services

From design, installation, warranty services to revenue collection

Customer Support

Quality Services

We provide extensive and responsive customer support.

Welcome to ASOLAR

We are a leading national solar home systems and services provider company.

ASOLAR is fully oriented towards Results by ensuring that the solution addresses all concerns, training, implementation and maintenance.

Product Offering

Our products and services are fundamentally customer-focused.

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Meet our team.

lola atsekhameh

Omolola Atsekhameh

Chief Financial Officer

Rasheed Ibrahim
Rasheed Ibrahim

Customer Care Manager

Isaac Ibhade

Isaac Ibhade

Procurement Manager

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    Client Testimonials

    "I am very excited about this product from Asolar and we will continue to support them. Light itself is like life to people in our community. I myself am proud to be the chief marketing officer for this product in the Palace."
    Oba Adeyaye Enitan Ogunwusi- Ooni of Ife
    "With the help of the Solar System, we can be charging our radios there. When they bring the larger one, it will help us to be able to watch the news on TV"
    A PayGo Customer
    " The Solar System from Asolar will help all the people and bring hope to the people of my village."
    Chief Yusuf Isah- Village Head of Wuna