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Beyond The Grid: Solar System Distribution to 20,000 Households in Nigeria

Project Objective(s)

A Presidential initiative launched in 2017, in collaboration with NDPHC successfully deployed and
installed 20,000 Solar Home Systems to power rural communities across 12 states in the Northwest,
Northeast and North Central and currently managing the revenue collections.

Project Highlights

20,000 UNITS

Were Installed Across 12 states in Nigeria..

Improved Revenue

for Small Business Owners Who can now operate longer hours

Clean Energy

was Introduced to more than 20,000 homes by Plugging into the power of the sun in just 8 months..

What was Achieved

This will provide sustainable clean energy homes and officers at an affordable cost.
Customers can accquire these products at an affordable and convienent payment plan.
Eliminating the cost of running a petrol or diesel generator to generate electricity.
Solar power is eco-friendly and households are protected from the effects of smoke and noise pollution from kerosene lamps and generators that impact negatively on their health and life hazards.
Mobile phones can be charged with our SHS, and being mobile is being alive in the 21st century.


A Solar Home System project for rural areas in partnership with the Niger Delta Power Holding Company and Azuri Technologies limited to distribute 20,000 solar home solution units and currently managing the revenue collection.

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